Applications to avoid using wireless - Facility Explorer - LIT-12013796 - Wireless Device - WRG1830/ZFR183x Pro Series

WRG1830/ZFR183x Pro Series Wireless Field Bus for Facility Explorer Systems Technical Bulletin

Facility Explorer
Product name
WRG1830/ZFR183x Pro Series
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Technical Bulletin
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Locations or applications that prohibit cellular telephones or Wi-Fi systems are unsuitable for the wireless BAS products. Do not use the wireless products in applications that cannot tolerate intermittent interference. Examples include the following:

  • Critical control features would affect life safety or result in large monetary loss, including secondary (backup) life-safety applications.
  • Data centers, production lines, or critical areas would be shut down.
  • Loss of critical control would result from loss of data from humidity or temperature sensor communications. WRZ Sensors report as infrequent as once every 15 minutes to conserve battery life. It may take up to 1 hour for the controller to detect the loss of a defective sensor.
  • Operation of exhaust fans or Air Handling Units (AHUs) would impair a purge or pressurization mode.
  • Missing data would invalidate reporting required by the customer security points are monitored.