Setting FX-ZFR Wireless USB Dongle parameters in ZCT - Facility Explorer - LIT-12012397 - Wireless Device - WNC: Wireless Network Coordinator/Gateway

WNC1800/FX-ZFR182x Pro Series Wireless Field Bus System Quick Reference Guide

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WNC: Wireless Network Coordinator/Gateway
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Reference Guide
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About this task

Load ZCT and use the main screen of ZCT to set wireless connection parameters.

Figure 1. ZCT Load Device Screen


  1. Insert the FX-ZFR USB dongle in an available USB port.
  2. Because the dongle does not connect to the mesh at the FX-ZFR1820 Coordinator, you should locate the laptop near a router or repeater with an available address. Depending on the mesh, you may need to move the laptop to another location to connect to the mesh. In most cases, another router/repeater will be within radio range of the coordinator and you may not need to move.
  3. Click Start Scan. The Scan Configuration dialog box appears.
  4. Enter the PAN ID of the wireless mesh that you want to join.
  5. Select the FX-ZFR system mesh channel number if it is known. Otherwise, leave this parameter set to Auto. Entering a known PAN ID can decrease the amount of time it takes to connect to the wireless mesh.
  6. Click Scan to connect to the mesh. The FX-ZFR USB dongle LED flashes rapidly (approximately 3 times a second) until it successfully joins the mesh. The LED illuminates solid after successfully joining the mesh. The LED flashes during communication with wirelessly enabled field controllers.

    If the FX-ZFR USB dongle cannot join the mesh after 1 minute, the LED turns off.

    Refer to the Troubleshooting section of the WNC1800/FX-ZFR182x Pro Series Wireless Field Bus System Technical Bulletin (LIT-12012396) to diagnose why the FX-ZFR dongle could not join the wireless mesh.