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WNC1800/FX-ZFR 182x Pro Series Wireless Field Bus System Product Bulletin

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WNC: Wireless Network Coordinator/Gateway
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Product Bulletin
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The ZFR Checkout Tool at version 6.3 or later is an optional tool, which is included with the installation of the Controller Configuration Tool (CCT). ZCT allows you to validate the wireless connectivity and health of wireless devices within an FX-ZFR Pro Wireless Field Bus System, helping ensure a reliable mesh network is in place. You can use the information provided by the ZCT to analyze and troubleshoot the wireless mesh network created by an FX-ZFR Pro Wireless Field Bus System.

ZCT gathers information by discovering the wireless field controllers and wireless sensors on your network and analyzing their status and wireless communication paths. The ZCT provides a simple report of wireless network performance, including online status verification and wireless signal strength information. ZCT also provides wireless device lists, signal strength information, and diagnostic measurements of the wireless mesh network.

ZCT requires an FX-ZFR Wireless Universal Serial Bus (USB) Dongle adapter with FX-ZFR driver.