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WNC1800/FX-ZFR 182x Pro Series Wireless Field Bus System Product Bulletin

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WNC: Wireless Network Coordinator/Gateway
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Product Bulletin
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The FX-ZFR Pro Series System devices create a wireless mesh network using Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, Inc. (IEEE) 802.15.4 technology. The mesh network provides redundant wireless paths, enabling the BACnet data to traverse the network through alternate, automatically forming paths and arrive at the target destination device even if the wireless device experiences interference or drops out of the network.

The FX-ZFR Pro System radios use Direct Sequence Spread Spectrum (DSSS) Radio Frequency (RF) technology and operates on the globally accepted2.4 GHz Industrial, Scientific, and Medical (ISM) band. All FX-ZFR Pro System radios use a transmission power of 10 mW and meet the Institute of IEEE 802.15.4 standard for low power, low duty-cycle wireless transmitting systems.