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WNC1800/FX-ZFR 182x Pro Series Wireless Field Bus System Product Bulletin

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WNC: Wireless Network Coordinator/Gateway
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Product Bulletin
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An FX-ZFR1821 or FX-ZFR1822 Pro Router is used with any FX-PC family controller to provide a wireless interface between a field controller and the following:

  • The FX Supervisory Controller (by means of a WNC Gateway)
  • Its associated FX-WRZ Series Sensors

The FX-ZFR1821 or FX-ZFR1822 Pro Router can also be used as a repeater to extend the range of the data communications within the wireless mesh network, or to fill any gaps within the mesh network, based on the physical layout of the wireless devices, obstacles, and other characteristics of the installation site.

An FX-ZFR1821 or FX-ZFR1822 Pro Router is powered directly from the connected field controller’s 15 VDC output. When ordered as a repeater, a 24 VAC-15 VDC power supply is included as a repeater accessory to serve as a stand-alone repeater.

The FX-ZFR1822 Pro Router is an alternate packaging design to the FX-ZFR1821 Pro Router and is intended for flush wall-mount or ceiling-mount applications. The FX-ZFR1822 Pro Router can be mounted in open areas of a building, which can improve communication distances between wireless devices.

Each repeater kit includes everything you need to install one FX-ZFR1821 or FX-ZFR1822 Pro Router to an FX-ZFR Pro Wireless Field Bus System:

  • FX-ZFR1821 or FX-ZFR1822 Pro Router
  • 24 VAC to 15 VDC power supply for the FX-ZFR1822 Pro Router
  • RJ-12 cable for power extension
  • Mounting hardware


  • Use the FX-ZFR1821 Pro Router for above ceiling mounting.
  • Use the FX-ZFR1822 Pro Router for flush wall-mount and below ceiling mount applications.