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WNC1800/FX-ZFR 182x Pro Series Wireless Field Bus System Product Bulletin

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WNC: Wireless Network Coordinator/Gateway
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The WNC1800/FX-ZFR 182x Pro (FX-ZFR Pro) Series Wireless Field Bus System provides a wireless platform for all FX-PC family controllers and TEC3000 Thermostat Controllers (TEC) using BACnet® protocol over 2.4 GHz wireless ISM band.

The pairing of an FX-ZFR1821 or FX-ZFR1822 router and any FX-PC family device, or a wireless TEC3000 model (with built-in router), are referred to as Wireless-Enabled Programmable Controllers (WEPCs). An FXPC family device is an FX-PCA, FX-PCG, FX-PCX, or FX-PCV controller.

An FX-ZFR Pro Series system consists of:

  • Wireless Network Coordinators (WNC) Gateways
  • FX-ZFR1820 or FX-ZFR1823 Pro Coordinator Radios
  • TEC3000 Wireless Thermostat Controllers
  • FX-ZFR1821 or FX-ZFR1822 Pro Router connected to FX-PC Family devices or acting as repeaters
  • FX-WRZ Series Wireless Room Sensors
Note: Repeaters extend the wireless transmission distance of the BACnet data communications, fill in any gaps within the wireless mesh network, and provide alternate wireless data transmission pathways.

Together, these components create a wireless mesh network that allows the exchange of data between the collection of WNC Gateways, WEPCs, TEC3000s, and FX-WRZs within the FX-ZFR Pro Series system’s wireless network and an FX-Supervisory Controller using standard BACnet IP communications.

The wireless mesh network enhances reliability by providing redundant transmission paths for the data through other routers in the mesh network. The result is a resilient, self-healing network.

Table 1. Features and benefits
Features Benefits
Wireless Communications for an FX Supervisory Controller System Provide a wireless platform for BACnet devices across multiple levels of a building automation system (BAS), from FX Supervisory Controllers to field controllers to room sensors; enable wireless devices to coexist with hardwired devices on the same FX Supervisory Controller; offer simple add-on hardware to seamlessly enable standard BACnet field controllers to function wirelessly.
Wireless Mesh Network Enables quick, economical, and low-maintenance installation; minimizes MS/TP BACnet hardwiring; and enhances reliability through automatically forming wireless links and redundant wireless data transmission paths.
Improved Application Mobility and Flexibility Provides a wireless alternative to hard-wired counterparts; facilitates easy initial location and relocation with minimal disruption to building occupants; and cost-effectively extends Facility Explorer® (FX) systems to applications where building aesthetics (such as solid walls or ceilings, temporary walls, or decorative surfaces) normally hinder hardwiring.
Support of up to Nine FX-WRZ Series Wireless Room Sensors per Wirelessly Enabled Field Controller Facilitates averaging and high/low selection to optimize comfort in larger zones. Installs easily; provides room temperature, setpoint temperature, occupancy status, and low battery status information to an FX system; offers extensive battery life of up to 5 years.
Multiple Diagnostic Light-Emitting Diodes (LEDs) and display icons Provide quick and easy visual indication of power, FC bus activity, wireless activity, wireless signal strength, and fault conditions; help locate optimum device positions during installation and aid in troubleshooting.
Compact, Easy-to-Install, and Versatile FXZFR1821/FX-ZFR1822 Pro Routers Adapt easily to multiple mounting scenarios; serve multiple functions, including providing wireless interface for numerous FX-PCG and FX-PCV controllers; and function as repeaters to extend wireless transmission range.