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You can connect IP-enabled controllers to the IE 2000 switch in many ways, because the IE 2000 is a fully-featured, managed switch. The following figure demonstrates one possible ring combination, and identifies the network components that you may require. Use this catalog page to identify ordering information for the items labeled as 2 and 4 in the following figure. For ordering of the other items, please refer to the respective IP Equipment Controller, Supervisory Controller, or Server catalog pages.

Figure 1. Example network components

Label Description
1 FX server

Aggregation Switch

If this functionality is not provided by an IT department, the system design tool guides you toward selection of either the Cisco IE 4010 or Cisco IE 2000. See Table 3 for the list of components required to install one of the Cisco IE switches as an aggregation switch.


Industrial Network Director (IND) software

Use the IND software to configure IE 2000 and IE 4010 switches without the use of SD cards. Available only from an authorized Cisco distributor.


Access switch

If this functionality is not provided by an IT department, the design tool guides you to select an appropriate Cisco IE 2000 switch. Two models are available for you to purchase through Johnson Controls, one with 8 Ethernet ports for network access, the other with 16 ports. For the list of components related to the 8-port IE 2000, see Table 1. For information about the 16-port version, see Table 2.


FX80 Supervisory Controller

For more information, refer to the FX80 Supervisory Controller Product Bulletin (LIT-12012250).

IP-enabled equipment controllers arranged in a ring network

For more information about FX IP-enabled Equipment Controllers refer to the Facility Explorer CG, CV Series Equipment Controllers and XPM Expansion Modules Product Bulletin (LIT-12013225).