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Ring Manager IP Network System Catalog Page

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Ring Manager IP Network System
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Catalog Page
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You can use the items described in this catalog page to set up an IP network that contains a variety of components from a variety of manufacturers. You can build a network in many different ways. The items described here are a select subset of what is available, but are included for the following reasons:

  • They can be used to build a complete network capable of supporting a large installation based on IP-enabled supervisory controllers and equipment controllers. The IP Network Wizard is a system design tool, and is provided to help you to select and configure components from this catalog page.
  • They are industrial grade components that are suitable to deploy in building management system environments.
  • They are interoperable with each other, with the vendor’s full line of networking equipment, and with the equipment from all other large manufacturers.
  • They improve network convergence time compared to rings managed using Rapid Spanning Tree Protocol.