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Ring Manager IP Network System
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All estimates and orders for MRP related Cisco items must go directly to an authorized Cisco Distributor as opposed to the Johnson Controls Solution Navigator tool.

Johnson Controls has selected Wesco-Anixter, an authorized Cisco partner, as a preferred Cisco supplier for these MRP Ring Networking Solutions. You can send estimate and order requests for a specific Bill of Materials to the following ordering email address:

  • For Johnson Controls branches: JCICisco.Direct@wescodist.com
  • For Authorized Building Controls Specialists (ABCS): JCICisco.Indirect@wescodist.com
Note: Johnson Controls continues to work with other Cisco distributors to provide similar easy-to-use email aliases.

While Wesco-Anixter is a preferred supplier, the channel can choose to go directly to another authorized Cisco distributor. You can find the list of authorized Cisco distributors at: https://www.ciscochannelconnect.com/DistiLocator. A list of other authorized reselling partners is available at: https://locatr.cloudapps.cisco.com/WWChannels/LOCATR/openBasicSearch.do.

  1. Contact the Cisco distributor.
  2. Request a quote for the required Cisco items found in the ordering information, see Table 1, Table 2, and Table 3.
  3. If the quote is acceptable, use your standard process to place a PO to the Cisco distributor. The following information is required at the time of order:
    • Your billing and invoicing information.
    • Customer information such as the following:
      • Company name, address, and website.
      • End user contact name, email, and phone number.
      • Shipping address and contact name at that location.