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RS-485 Option Module Installation Instructions

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Part No. 24-10143-918
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About this task

The FX80 controller must be securely mounted on a 35 mm DIN rail, with adequate room left to mount the option module.


  1. Pull the option module’s locking clip down.
    Figure 1. Fastening to the rail

  2. Tilt the module to hook over the DIN rail.
  3. Push down and in on the unit, fastening it to the rail.
  4. Slide the module firmly into the controller’s connector (or existing option module) to seat.
    Figure 2. Slide module into Controller's connector

    Repeat for other modules as needed (four maximum).
  5. Push up the locking clip on all modules.
    Figure 3. Push up the locking clips

  6. Secure both ends of the final assembly with DIN rail end-clips provided by the DIN rail vendor.
    Note: To remove a unit from the DIN rail, pull down its locking clip. Slide the unit away from other devices, then swing the bottom out and lift away from the rail.