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RS-485 Option Module Installation Instructions

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Part No. 24-10143-918
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General precautions

Important: Remove all power to controller before attaching (plug in) or detaching (unplug) any option card module, to prevent possible equipment damage.
Important: Removal of the cover is not required. The option module contains no configurable or user-serviceable items (such as jumpers).

Static discharge precautions

Static charges produce voltages high enough to damage electronic components. The microprocessors and associated circuitry within the devices are sensitive to static discharge.

Important: Work in a static-free area. Discharge any static electricity you may have accumulated. Discharge static electricity by touching a known, securely grounded object. Do not handle the printed circuit board (PCB) without proper protection against static discharge. Use a wrist strap when handling PCBs. Secure the wrist strap clamp to earth ground.