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PCA3613 Advanced Application Programmable Controller Installation Guide

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FX-PCA36 Advanced Application Programmable Controller
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The PCA3613 controllers ship with a default state that can assist in validating the wiring of the input and output terminals prior to download of an application file. When the controller is powered on in this state, the Fault LED will flash in a pattern of two quick blinks and then a long pause (see Table 1 ).

To make use of this feature, ensure the DIP switches are set to the desired address and wire the input and output terminals. Apply power to the controller and connect to the device with either a MAP Gateway or MS- FX-DIS1710-0 Local Display to view the points in the controller. The PCA controller will report an Operational status even though there is no true application loaded. CCT will not be able to commission or upload the device as a result until a true application is downloaded. The application name displayed will be the address of the controller followed by the model of the controller and “Default State”.

For example, a PCA3613 controller whose DIP switches are set to 8 would have the default state application name of “8- PCA3613 Default State”.

The default state creates I/O points for all connections on the input and output terminals. It assumes all Universal Inputs (UIs) are Nickel temperature sensors. The default state also takes input from a Network Sensor at address 199. If there is no connected Network Sensor, the startup of this default state will be delayed by 30 seconds as the controller attempts to establish connection with the sensor.