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PCA3613 Advanced Application Programmable Controller Installation Guide

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FX-PCA36 Advanced Application Programmable Controller
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Installation Guide
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About this task

To configure a controller for use with the ZFR/ZFR Pro Series Wireless Field Bus system, complete the following steps:


  1. Disconnect the 24 VAC supply from the controller.
  2. Wire the input/output terminals and SA bus.
    Note: In wireless network applications, do not connect any wires to the FC bus terminal block. (Connect the SA/FC terminal block on an PCX to an SA bus only.)
  3. Important: Before the controller is powered on, connect the FX-ZFR/ZFR Pro Wireless Field Bus Router to the FC bus port (RJ-12 modular jack) on the front of the controller.
  4. Ensure that the controller's device address DIP switches are set to the correct device address. For details about setting a device address, see Setting the device address.
  5. Reconnect the 24 VAC supply to the controller.