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PCA3613 Advanced Application Programmable Controller Installation Guide

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FX-PCA36 Advanced Application Programmable Controller
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Figure 1. PCA3613 physical features

Table 1. Physical features
  Physical feature: description and references


Analog Output (AO) Terminal Block: Can be defined as Voltage Analog Output (0–10 VDC) or Current Analog Output (4–20 mA) (see Table 1)
2 Device Address DIP Switch Block (see Setting the Device Addresses)
3 Mounting clip
4 Binary Outputs (BO) Terminal Block: 24 VAC Triac (see Table 1)
5 24 VAC, Class 2/SELV Supply Power Terminal Block (see Supply power terminal block)
6 Cover Lift Tab (One of Two)

FC Bus Terminal Block (see FC bus terminal block)


SA Bus Terminal Block (see SA bus terminal block)

9 Sensor Port: (SA Bus) RJ-12 6-Pin Modular Jack (see SA Bus port)
10 Binary Input (BI) Terminal Block: Dry Contact Maintained or Pulse Counter/Accumulator Mode (see Terminal wiring guidelines, functions, ratings, and requirements
11 Universal Inputs (UI) Terminal Block: Can be defined as Voltage Analog Input (0–10 VDC), Current Analog Input (4–20 mA), Resistive Analog Inputs (0–600k ohms), or Dry Contact Binary Input (see Input and Output wiring guidelines)
12 End-of-Line (EOL) Switch (see Setting the End-of-Line (EOL) switch)

LED Status Indicators (see Table 1)


FC Bus Port (RJ-12 6-pin Modular Jack)