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PCA3613 Advanced Application Programmable Controller Installation Guide

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FX-PCA36 Advanced Application Programmable Controller
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Installation Guide
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About this task

Mounting the controller horizontally on 35 mm DIN rail is the preferred mounting method.

To mount a controller on 35 mm DIN rail, complete the following steps:


  1. Securely mount a 23 cm (9.125 in.) or longer section of 35 mm DIN rail, horizontally and centered in the desired space, so that the controller mounts in the position shown in Figure 1 .
  2. Pull the two bottom mounting clips outward from the controller to the extended position (Figure 1).
  3. Hang the controller on the DIN rail by the hooks at the top of the (DIN rail) channel on the back of the controller (Figure 1), and position the controller snugly against the DIN rail.
  4. Push the bottom mounting clips inward (up) to secure the controller on the DIN rail.
    To remove the controller from the DIN rail, pull the bottom mounting clips out to the extended position and carefully lift the controller off the DIN rail.