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As described previously, the FX-PCV1832 does not support identifying itself to an N2 supervisor as a VMA device type. As a result, you must reconfigure the N2 supervisor so that it is mapped as a VND device. Also, if the FX-PCV1832 N2 point mapping does not exactly match its N2 supervisor's point mapping, then you need to reconfigure the N2 supervisor so that it does. The procedure for performing these changes depends on the type of N2 supervisor.

  • For an N30 type N2 supervisor, perform these changes offline using the Project Builder tool. Refer to the Project Builder User's Guide (LIT-693205).
  • For an NAE type N2 supervisor, perform these changes offline using the System Configuration Tool (SCT). Refer to N2 Integration with the NAE Technical Bulletin (LIT-1201683).
  • For an NCM type N2 supervisor, changing the NCM database requires you to delete the old hardware and define the new hardware. The incremental DDL compile method (@NC+) using the DELETE keyword simplifies the NCM database change. GPL and JC Basic processes may not need to be recompiled. Refer to the DDL Programmer's Manual (LIT-630010).
  • For an FX Supervisory Controller type N2 supervisor, perform these changes offline using FX Workbench. Refer to the FX Workbench User's Guide (LIT-12011149).

For replacements that switch to VND Device Type, point mapping is unrestricted. To make the FX-PCV1832 replacement operation as similar as possible to the old VMA14xx device:

  • Select a Supervisor Object Type that matches the replaced controller point.
  • For multi-state objects, select an appropriate States Text table.
  • Use the Supervisor Object Definition to restrict commands.
Table 1. Point limitations of PCV1832
Network point type Network point address
AI 1-8
BI 1-8
AO 1-8
BO 1-8
ADF 1-256
ADI 1-256
BD 1-256