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Recreating a VMA14xx controller's application that was programmed with HVACPro should be straightforward. The CCT System Selection Wizard and Sideloop Wizard provide control logic creation capabilities that are nearly identical to HVACPro's Question and Answer (Q&A) wizard and Sideloop wizard.

At Release 10.0, the FX-PCV1832 controller featured N2 field bus networking (not switchable to BACnet MS/TP). Also at Release 10.0, pre-built, single-duct VAV box control applications files replaced VMA14xx controllers programmed with HVACPro. Those pre-built files contained control logic translators to make the FX-PCV1832 controller's VAV box control application better resemble the VMA14xx controller's application created with HVACPro and minimize reconfiguration of the N2 supervisor.

At Release 10.1, pre-built VAV box control applications are no longer provided. Instead, all control logic translators provided by the pre-built, single-duct VAV box control application files are now options that you can select using the CCT System Selection Wizard. Select the N2 Compatibility Options section of the System Selection Wizard to choose the appropriate replacement application (see Figure 1).

Figure 1. N2 compatibility options