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The DX-9100 Extended Digital Controller, like its predecessor, the Lab and Central Plant (LCP) controller, was used most popularly for central plant and air handling unit control; however, its flexible programmability enabled it to be applied to a wide variety of equipment control applications, especially those requiring custom configurations. Also, its onboard real-time clock and operator interface made it popular for stand-alone equipment control applications.

The recommended FX-PC replacement controller model for the DX-9100 is the FX-PCA3611. See the following sections for key differences.

Note: This section includes details for the N2 versions of the DX-9100 only. Although replacement of the LonWorks® N2E devices face many of the same challenges, you must replace devices such as the DX-9121 (TP78 topology) and DX-9200 (FTT topology) with LN Series programmable LonWorks controllers.