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At Controller Configuration Tool (CCT) Release 10.1, a new enhancement was added enabling the FX-PC controller field bus to be configured for either BACnet® MS/TP or N2 networking protocol. This feature allows you to use certain FX-PC controllers as field replacements for legacy Metasys® or Facility Explorer® branded N2 controllers (hereafter referred to as legacy N2 controllers). Many of these legacy N2 controllers are no longer in production, making direct replacement no longer feasible.

Customers with legacy N2 controllers installed in their building can benefit from N2-capable FX-PC controllers, because they enable cost-effective replacement and expansion of their installed base of controllers by avoiding major control system renovation.

These same customers also benefit from the more modern FX-PC controller technology, including state-based control, event-driven logic, and automatic tuning. In addition, the ability to switch the FX-PC controllers back to BACnet MS/TP provides customers with a cost-effective upgrade path to a modern, higher performance field bus technology.

The modernization guide is intended to help you choose and implement the most appropriate strategy for your customer. Also, this guide describes the key installation and configuration differences between the two families of controllers to help you prevent, minimize, and overcome installation and configuration challenges.