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Several differences exist between the I/O wiring connections of the FX-PC controllers and the legacy N2 controllers. Most FX-PC controllers have terminals that use screw type I/O wiring connections, except for FX-PCV models, which have spade terminals. Most legacy N2 controllers use spade lug type I/O wiring connections. You may need to modify the ends of the existing I/O wiring accordingly.

Also, FX-PC controller wiring terminal locations may not line up with the existing wiring. To align wires to the corresponding FX-PC controller, you many need to:

  • reroute wire from the enclosure terminal block to the FX-PC controller
  • add longer wires to many of the controller terminals
  • splice additional length onto existing wire if your installation does not have a terminal block

When modifying the I/O wiring to accommodate the replacement FX-PC controller, follow these recommendations, whenever possible:

  • use the same color insulation to preserve wiring standards
  • use wire of the same material and gauge
  • never splice copper to aluminum conductors without using an appropriate aluminum to copper conductor
  • use positive mechanical connections in all splices
  • follow splice manufacturer's instructions and crimp tool recommendations carefully
  • consider using soldered connections if the enclosure location allows
  • completely insulate each individual splice to protect from electrical shorts and corrosion
  • use shrink-sleeve tubing, which provides a more reliable insulation than adhesive tape in most applications