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Legacy N2 controllers support local application downloading and commissioning using the appropriate programming and commissioning tool hosted on a computer (for example, HVACPro or GX Tool), the computer's serial interface, and an RS-232 to RS-485 adapter (for example, the MM-CVT or IU-9100 or Zone Bus adapter).

FX-PC controllers also support local downloading and commissioning; however, they require a different technology. For local downloading and commissioning, FX-PC controllers require that CCT is hosted on a computer with a Bluetooth® interface or a third-party Bluetooth interface, and that an FX-BTCVT Bluetooth Commissioning Converter is connected to the FX-PC controller's SA Bus.

NCM and NAE Series supervisory devices contain a feature called Passthrough, which enables you to remotely download and commission legacy N2 controllers. FX Supervisory Controller Passthrough do not support N2-configured FX-PC controllers. When you use an FX-PC controller to replace a legacy N2 controller that is supervised by an FX Supervisory Controller, you lose the capability to use Passthrough to remotely download and commission the N2-configured controller. You and your customers need to be aware that programming and commissioning the N2-configured FX-PC controller must be performed onsite with access to the FX-PC controller's SA bus connection.