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When you are ready to move to a BACnet MS/TP configuration, use CCT to switch the FX-PC controllers' field bus network to BACnet MS/TP and then re-download the controller application files (*.caf) to the desired FX-PC controllers.

As you convert FX-PC controllers to BACnet MS/TP, we recommend that you keep the controllers disconnected from the Field Controller (FC) Bus network until all have been converted to BACnet MS/TP and the supervisory controller has been reconfigured for BACnet MS/TP. Follow these steps to convert N2-configured FX-PC controllers to BACnet MS/TP:


  1. Disconnect the FC Bus connector from the FX-PC controller.
  2. Ensure there is 24 VAC supply to the FX-PC controller.
  3. Use CCT and an SA bus connection to upload the FX-PC controller's application file.
  4. Clear the N2 Mapping Table and save the application file.
  5. Disconnect the 24 VAC supply from the FX-PC controller.
  6. Set the address switch to the desired BACnet MS/TP address. See Device addressing for details about N2 and BACnet MS/TP device addressing.
    Note: When configured for BACnet MS/TP, the address switch segment labeled 128 establishes the FX-PC controller for wireless mode. If you are not intending on using the FX-PC controller in a wireless network, then set the 128 segment to OFF.
  7. Connect the 24 VAC supply to the FX-PC controller.
  8. Using the CCT tool and an SA bus connection, download the BACnet-configured application to the FX-PC controller.
  9. When the download process asks to confirm switching the communication protocol to BACnet, click Accept.
  10. Reconnect the FC Bus connector to the FX-PC controller.