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In this scenario, your customer is planning to remodel their space, subdivide or rearrange existing space, or expand their facility. As a result, their plan requires adding to their BAS either new equipment or existing equipment that was not previously connected to the BAS.

Option 1: If only one or two new controllers are needed as additions to an existing N2 bus, you should consider adding FX-PC controllers and configuring them for N2 protocol.

Option 2: If many new controllers are needed, you should consider modernizing their BAS to use BACnet MS/TP. This option involves replacing the N2 supervisor with a BACnet supervisor, adding FX-PC controllers to operate the new or existing equipment, and configuring the FX-PC controllers for BACnet protocol.
Note: If the existing N2 supervisor also supports managing BACnet MS/TP networks, then the supervisor may not need to be replaced.