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Mobile Access Portal Gateway User Guide

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MAP Gateway
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User Guide
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Field controllers use the Configuration Tool (CCT) to configure content displayed for the MAP Gateway. You can configure the display after you select the hardware in the Hardware Definition Wizard of the Configuration Tool. Once a display is configured for and downloaded to a controller, a MAP Gateway is able to use the configuration data to determine what information it shows for that controller.

Note: The default controller setting of the CCT divides configured points into generic sections of Input, Output, and Miscellaneous. These sections do not always match what is shown in the MAP Gateway. Therefore, some points displayed in the Inputs list in the CCT may show up in the Parameter Category in the MAP Gateway. However, you may use a custom display object in the CCT to define how the groupings of points appear in the MAP Gateway.

For more information on how to use CCT, see Control Tool Help. (LIT-12011147).

Display Configuration

Use a custom display object to determine how information displays in the MAP Gateway UI.

For the MAP Gateway, the Display Configuration allows you to:

  • define which folders and points appear on the home page
  • define the order and groupings of folders and points on the home page
  • edit point user names and descriptions using the Mass Edit feature

After you configure the display and download the application to the controller, you can then click Rediscover Devices in the MAP Gateway Device List page. The MAP Gateway refreshes and reads the new display information.