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About MAP Gateway

Q - Does the MAP Gateway have its own touch screen display?

A - No, the MAP Gateway delivers the local display content to a mobile device over its built-in Wi-Fi access point or Ethernet connection.

Q - How many users can the MAP Gateway support?

A - Up to three simultaneous users.

Q - Do I need to be concerned about security?

A - Yes, but the MAP Gateway helps you manage security risks using the following security standards:
  • WPA 2 security on the integral MAP Gateway Wi-Fi AP
  • An SSL certificate is installed in the MAP Gateway to ensure secure communications by default. However, this certificate does not display as a trusted website. You can install a custom certificate in the MAP Gateway and the device you use to view the MAP Gateway user interface to identify the MAP Gateway as a trusted website.
  • An Audit log text file is permanently maintained in the MAP Gateway. You can export and view this log file to review all user logins and transactions, along with logging any events generated from the controllers.

Refer to the Mobile Access Portal Gateway Network and IT Guidance Technical Bulletin (LIT-12012015) for more information.


Q - Do I need to install an application on my mobile device to use the MAP Gateway?

A - No, the MAP Gateway has a built-in web server that provides web pages that can be viewed from your Internet browser.

Q - Does the MAP Gateway work with my iPhone or Android device?

A - Yes, the MAP Gateway supports any device with a supported web browser. The browsers must support HTML 5 and include Apple® Safari® on iPhones and Google® Chrome™ on Android™ devices.

Q - How do I get started?

A - The single page Mobile Access Gateway Portal Quick Start Guide (Part No. 24-10737-16) ships with the MAP Gateway in North America. There are multiple page versions available in multiple languages: for Asia, Mobile Access Portal Gateway Quick Start Guide (Part No. 24-10737-164) and Europe, Mobile Access Gateway Portal Quick Start Guide (Part No. 24-10737-148). In just a few easy steps, you can be connected to a single device or to an entire network of connected equipment.

Q - Where do I plug in the MAP Gateway?

A - The MAP Gateway ships with a 6 pin phone cord that plugs into any one of three locations:
  • Sensor Actuator Bus (SAB) on the Smart Equipment control board or Johnson Controls equipment controller
  • Bottom SAB jack of any NS series sensor
  • Field Controller Bus (FCB) of the Smart Equipment control board or MS/TP controller

Q - Can I leave the MAP Gateway plugged in overnight?

A - Yes.

Q - Can I access all equipment with the MAP Gateway from a single location?

A - Yes, the MAP Gateway can access all equipment on a Field Bus trunk/network from any of the three MAP Gateway connection points - SAB, Sensor, or FCB. The MAP Gateway supports all Johnson Controls devices on wired or wireless (ZFR) field buses. Third-party BACnet devices are discovered and appear on the device list, but they are not supported at this time. Note that the MAP Gateway supports BACnet/IP controllers at Release 4.2; but only if the Gateway is plugged directly into the controller.

Q - Can I access the Internet when I am using the MAP Gateway?

A - Since the MAP Gateway is used as a local Wi-Fi hot spot, your mobile device cannot access Internet data when connected to the MAP Gateway through a wireless network. If connected through an Ethernet connection, this restriction does not apply.

Q - Can I make or receive phone calls on my mobile device when I am using the MAP Gateway?

A - Yes, the cellular voice capabilities on your mobile device are independent of your data.

Q - Do I have to do anything to change the language presented on my personal device?

A - The MAP Gateway presents its user interface based on the browser settings of your personal device, including language. For example, if your device's browser uses German as the primary language, the MAP Gateway presents all the menus and navigation options in the German language.


Q - What if I forget my password?

A - Each MAP Gateway ships with a unique default password and Wi-Fi passphrase. For directions on how to restore factory-default settings and log into your MAP Gateway, refer to Appendix: Reset Button Operation and Description and the Mobile Access Gateway Portal Installation Instructions (Part No. 24-10737-8).

Q - Why isn't the Ethernet port enabled even though I am connected to an SA or FC bus?

A - The Ethernet port on the MAP Gateway requires an external power supply. You must connect the power supply before the MAP Gateway begins the boot sequence. If the MAP Gateway is powered through the SA or FC Bus before you connect the external power supply, the Ethernet port is not enabled. In this case, you must start over and connect the external power supply to the MAP Gateway before beginning the boot sequence. Enable the Ethernet port in Settings.

Q - I seem to be stuck in an infinite loop. Every time I install the SSL certificate on my device, it asks me to re-install it. What should I do?

A1 - Verify that the time on your client device is correct. If the device time is not current (for example, after a hard reset), close the browser, set the time, and then try to install the certificate.

A2 - Check your web browser settings and verify that cookies are enabled.

Q - After I install the security certificate, I receive a too many clients connection message. What should I do?

A - Wait 30 to 60 seconds after you install a certificate and then refresh the page. When the certificate is installed, it opens an additional connection which counts against the maximum number of users that are allowed to connect to the MAP Gateway. This connection is closed after the certificate is installed and disappears within 30 - 60 seconds.

Q - I am having trouble getting my devices Internet browser to take me to the log in screen.

A1 - Some Internet browsers based on Google® Chrome™ cannot connect to the MAP Gateway. See Flash Sheet LIT-2021F04 for more information.

A2 - Some iOS devices may require you to use the MAPs IP address of to reach the browser.

Table 1. Troubleshooting Table
Error message or condition Cause Remedy

Error Occurred Loading Device Navigation

This occurs if you are selecting options on the device or control screens on the MAP Gateway while the SSE is still finishing its restart cycle after provisioning.

Wait a few moments and try again.

Alarms on point are not being displayed in the MAP Gateway.

If a Disable Alarms command is issued for a point in the Metasys system, the MAP Gateway does not report alarms for that point. There is no indication in the MAP Gateway that the command was issued and there is no way to enable alarms in a MAP Gateway for the point.

At this time, there is no workaround for this issue.

Some points displayed in the Inputs list in the CCT/PCT may show up in the Parameter Category in the MAP Gateway.

This behaviour occurs because CCT/PCTs have default categories of Input, Output, and Miscellaneous.

At this time, there is no workaround for this issue.

Error Saving SSL Settings.

When an SSL key or certificate is corrupted, the SSL page detects it and alerts you to the corrupted key or certificate.

However, if the source of corruption is a minor error, for example, an extra space was copied while installing the certificate or a character was missed, the UI does not detect the problem and allows the corrupted key or certificate to be saved. The server detects the error and returns the Error Saving SSL Settings message. While this properly prevents the bad key or certificate from being used, it does not inform you as to the source of the problem.

Reinstall the SSL Key or Certificate as described in the Mobile Access Portal Gateway Network and IT Guidance Technical Bulletin (LIT-12012015).

After upgrading the MAP from 5.0 to 5.1, I am unable to establish a connection to the Wi-Fi using a mobile device that previously worked The Wi-Fi security type has changed at version 5.1. The client device remembers the SSID but is trying to establish a connection using the wrong security type. From any client device that was previously used with MAP 5.0, perform a Forget Network function. Then connect tot he SSID of the MAP at 5.1.
After upgrading the MAP from 5.0 to 5.1, I am having trouble navigating to the MAP login page. The default URL has changed at version 5.1. Browsers may autofill using the old URL, or have conflicting data in the history or cookies cache. From any client device that was previously used with MAP 5.0, clear browser history and cookies. Then navigate to Repeat for each browser used on the device, for example, both Safari and Chrome.
Note: Some devices may require you to use the MAP's IP address of instead.