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Mobile Access Portal Gateway User Guide

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Commands allow you to change a point's value. Commanding can also be done from Point Tailored Summary, Point Check Out and from Live Trend. To search for training videos on the use of Commanding Points in the MAP Gateway, visit uLearn at

Figure 1. Parameters Screen

To command the MINFLOWCO2-SP to a different value, click the field next to it (outlined in blue). The screen for commanding that field appears as in figure Figure 2. Select Change Default Value from the drop-down list, and use the up and down arrows to select a valid temperature. The range of valid temperatures is shown below the field. When you are satisfied, click Save. The command adjustments vary depending on the type of point selected.

Figure 2. CV Occupied Cooling Setpoint Command Screen

Note: Pressing the Priority Array button allows you to see all the active values in the Priority Array.