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Mobile Access Portal Gateway Network and IT Guidance Technical Bulletin

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Before you begin

If you have a certificate from a public CA, you may import it using this procedure.


  1. In the Certificates dialog box, click the Trusted Root Certification Authorities tab, and then click Import. The Certificate Import Wizard opens.
    Figure 1. The Certificates Dialog Box

  2. In the Certificate Import Wizard dialog box, click Next.
    Figure 2. Certificate Import Wizard

  3. Browse to the rootCA.pem security certificate file, select it, click Open, and then click Next.
    Note: Install the rootCA.pem file and not the file that the browser prompts you to install. The rootCA.pem file certifies your device for any MAP Gateway you use. If you install the file that the browser prompts you to install instead, you need to add a new security certificate for each new MAP Gateway device that you use.
    Figure 3. Importing the Certificate

  4. On the Certificate Store page of the wizard, select Place all certificates in the following store, verify that the certificate store listed is Trusted Root Certification Authorities, and then click Next.
    Figure 4. Certificate Store Options

  5. In the Security Warning dialog box, click Yes.
    Figure 5. Non-Validated Certificate Security Warning

  6. Click Finish. A success message appears.
    Figure 6. The Certificate Import Success Message

  7. Click OK.