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Before you begin

This procedure describes how to generate a new private key. Note that you may be required to first create an encrypted database. The password for this encrypted database is used to encrypt the private key and must be protected. The screen shots used to illustrate key generation were made with the XCA - X Certificate and key management application, copyright 2014 by Christian Hohnst├Ądt. However, you must be sure to use a key generation tool that your IT department recommends or approves.


  1. Open your key generating software and click New Key.
    Figure 1. Key Generating Software

  2. Name the new key. Select a Keytype of RSA and a Keysize of 2048 bit from the respective drop-down lists. Click Create.
    Figure 2. New Key Screen

  3. The new key appears in your list of Private Keys. Select the private key you created and select Export.
    Figure 3. New Key Created

  4. Export the private key for your device in PEM format. Click OK to save to a location where you can access the file to place into your MAP Gateway. This is the file you use when Adding a Private Key and Certificate to MAP Gateway.
    Figure 4. Export Private Key