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Mobile Access Portal Gateway Network and IT Guidance Technical Bulletin

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About this task

Important: If you are going to use the MAP Gateway on Ethernet, you must plug it into external power before you attach the field bus adapter.

The following instructions are based on the information in the Quick Start Guide (Part No. 24-10737-16), which comes with each individual MAP Gateway. The default login credentials for each MAP Gateway are included in the Quick Start Guide that ships with each device.


  1. Connect the RS-485 port of the MAP Gateway to the sensor bus or field bus port of the equipment controller using the supplied RJ-12 cable (portable model) or field bus adapter (stationary model). The MAP Gateway's LEDs flash, indicating that the device is initializing. When the Fault LED turns off and the Wi-Fi LEDs flash in succession, the MAP Gateway is ready to use.
  2. In the Wi-Fi settings of your device or laptop, connect to the MAP Gateway Wi-Fi network using your default credentials. These credentials are included on a sticker in the Quick Start Guide (Part No. 24-10737-16) that came with your device.
  3. Direct your browser to to open the MAP Gateway browser interface.
  4. Use your default Admin login credentials that are also included on a sticker in the Quick Start Guide (Part No. 24-10737-16) that came with your device.
    Note: MAP Gateway ships with a private SSL certificate installed to ensure secure communication with the MAP Gateway. However, this certificate does not indicate that it is trusted in a browser. If you wish to install your own certificate, refer to Adding a Private Key and Certificate to MAP Gateway.
  5. Read and accept the MAP Gateway license agreement.
  6. The first time you log in to the MAP Gateway, the Change Password and Passphrase web page appears. You must change the Admin password and Wi-Fi passphrase.
    1. Replace the default password in the New Admin Password field. Confirm the change by entering the new password in the Verify New Admin Password field.
      Important: After you change the Wi-Fi passphrase or SSID the webserver restarts and you must rejoin the MAP Gateway Wi-Fi network using the new passphrase. On some mobile devices you must select and “forget” the original MAP Gateway Wi-Fi network before rejoining the network with the new passphrase.
    2. Replace the Wi-Fi Passphrase in the New Wi-Fi Passphrase field and click Save.


You may now use your MAP Gateway through Wi-Fi. If you are connecting your MAP Gateway to an Ethernet network, continue to Connecting the MAP Gateway to Ethernet.