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Mobile Access Portal Gateway Network and IT Guidance Technical Bulletin

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About this task

Important: When using the MAP Gateway on Ethernet, you must plug it into external power before you attach the field bus adapter.
These instructions are for additional settings required when connecting the MAP Gateway to an Ethernet network. These settings occur after the steps in Connecting to MAP Gateway the First Time.


  1. In the MAP Gateway UI, navigate to Settings > Ethernet.
  2. In the Ethernet drop-down list, select On to enable the MAP Ethernet port.
  3. Click Save on the bottom of the screen.
  4. By default, the MAP Gateway is configured to dynamically receive an IP address from your network using DHCP. Take note of the address that automatically appears in the IP Address field.
  5. Enter only this IP address directly into your browser address bar to access the MAP Gateway over your Ethernet network.

What to do next

You can use static or manual settings rather than automatic settings with your MAP Gateway. However, if you do so, you must contact your IT department for all necessary manual settings to ensure that your MAP Gateway works on your company's network.

To use your MAP Gateway with a static IP Address:

Configure your own static IP address parameters by setting Auto DHCP Configure to Off under Settings > Ethernet. Obtain necessary network settings from your IT department.

To use your MAP Gateway with a DNS:

If you have a Dynamic Name Server on your network, the MAP Gateway can be accessed by a unique name instead of using an IP address. To enable DNS, set the Auto DNS Configure setting to On under Settings > Ethernet.