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A self-signed certificate is a certificate that is signed by the same entity that it certifies. This term does not refer to the identity of the person or organization that actually performed the signing procedure. A self-signed certificate is a certificate signed with its own private key, that is, the entity signing the certificate is also the entity that created the certificate.

MAP Gateway is shipped with a default Johnson Controls® self signed certificate that provides secure communication. Only one certificate can be installed on MAP Gateway at a time. You will overwrite the existing certificate when you install a new certificate. MAP Gateway can be run on your network with a self-signed certificate.

However, if you need to expose the MAP Gateway UI on a public network and have browsers indicate a trusted site, you must get a signed certificate matching your domain name. You can acquire a valid signed certificate from your IT department or purchase it from a Public Certificate Authority (CA) using a certificate signing request (CSR). A certificate signed by a CA is used to establish a secure connection between your browser and the MAP Gateway.