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Standard Hardware Functionality from the Factory

  • Simple Brower-Based User Interface - The MAP Gateway has a consistent, intuitive, menu-driven set of browser based views that allow you to quickly navigate between the connected devices and drill down into the point and feature data supported by each device type.
  • Secure Wi-Fi Connectivity to Multiple Platforms - The MAP Gateway communicates securely using WiFi to smart phones, tablets or personal computers. The browser-based user interfaces automatically conforms to the size constraints of the connected platform
  • Carry with You or Leave on Site - The MAP Gateway can be used as a basic, portable commissioning tool to view, adjust, or override the key points on Smart Equipment Rooftops that are standalone, or connected on an MS/TP network.
  • Access to Schedules, Alarms and Trends - The MAP Gateway allows you to view alarms, events, and trends, and modify the rooftop unit schedules.
  • Permanent Audit Log - Allows you to export and view a log file to review all user logins, transactions, and to log any events generated from the connected controllers.