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Handheld VAV Box Balancing Sensor Installation Instructions

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VAV: Variable Air Volume Controller
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Part No. 24-10211-10
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The Sensor Actuator Bus (SA Bus) port on the VAV Box Balancing Sensor is a 6-pin, RS-485 port designed to connect the VAV Box Balancing Sensor to an accessible SA Bus port on the FX-PC controller directly or through the controller’s connected network sensor, using the cable assembly provided. The SA Bus port is a straight one-to-one connection (not a crossover). The maximum allowable cable length is 100 ft.

Do not plug the SA Port cable into a standard phone jack.

Table 1. SA Bus Port Pin Designations
Diagram Pin number (Both ends of cable) Signal name
1 SA +
2 SA -
3 15 VDC Common
4 +15 VDC
5 No Connection
6 No Connection