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Handheld VAV Box Balancing Sensor Installation Instructions

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VAV: Variable Air Volume Controller
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Installation Guide
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Part No. 24-10211-10
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The Variable Air Volume (VAV) Box Balancing Sensor allows you to easily adjust and set the required parameters for VAV box control applications that reside on the FX-PCV or FX-PCG series controllers.

The VAV box balancing parameters are displayed on the sensor’s Liquid Crystal Display (LCD). You use the dial and two buttons on the sensor to navigate through simple and intuitive menus to balance the VAV box. The menus you see are customized to the type of application residing in the controller. The balancing operation also features an adjustable time-out parameter that returns the sensor and controller to normal operation in the event that the controller is left in balancing mode.

The handheld VAV Box Balancing Sensor is lightweight, portable, and can be plugged into any model NS Series Network Sensor to access the VAV controller.

The VAV Box Balancing Sensor is compatible with the following Facility Explorer® system BACnet® protocol devices:

  • FX-PCG loaded with a VAV application
  • FX-PCV loaded with a VAV application
  • NS Series Network Sensors connected to an FX-PCG or FX-PCV loaded with a VAV application
Figure 1. Front of the VAV Box Balancing Sensor

Table 1. VAV Balancing Sensor Features
Callout Description
1 LCD with Backlight
2 Cancel Button
3 Enter Button
4 Adjustment Dial