Creating a client certificate in the Platform Certificate Manager and assigning it to Node Station - Facility Explorer - LIT-12014410

Facility Explorer BACnet/SC Commissioning Guide

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  1. In Workbench, navigate to the platform hosting the new station.
  2. Click Certificate Management.
  3. To create a new client certificate, click New. Assign an alias name, common name, and country code with two characters.
  4. Under Certificate Usage, select Client. Match the details of the CA certificate for the site.
  5. Generate a Cert Request for Client Cert. Save this in the same folder on the local hard drive as the CA.
  6. Under Tools, click Certificate Signer Tool.
  7. In the Select a certificate signing request to sign field, select the client CSR.
  8. In the CA Alias entry, select the CA.
  9. Enter the password for the CA.
  10. Click Ok.
  11. Import the signed Code Signing Cert into User Key Store. The alias turns green.