Adding and configuring an ScPort in Station BacnetNetwork - Facility Explorer - LIT-12014410

Facility Explorer BACnet/SC Commissioning Guide

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  1. Navigate to > Station > Config > Drivers > Bacnet Comm > Network.
  2. In the navigation tree, drag an ScPort to Network.
  3. Set Network Number to the network number of the station you intend to connect to.
  4. Navigate to ScPort > Link > Credentials.
  5. In the Operational Certificate entry, import the signed client certificate.
  6. Under Issuer Certificate 1, import the CA certificate into Issuer Certificate.
  7. Click Node Switch.
  8. Switch the Accept Enabled and Initiate Enabled toggles to true.
  9. Navigate to Hub Connector > Primary Connection.
  10. For Primary Connection and Failover Connection, enter the hub URI address and hub URI path.
  11. Click Save.
  12. Right click HubFunction. Click Action > Add Sc user.
  13. Enable ScPort.
    Note: Before you enable ScPort, ensure Web Services in Platform Services is configured.