Exporting CSRs in JCT - Facility Explorer - LIT-12014410

Facility Explorer BACnet/SC Commissioning Guide

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  1. Log on to JCT at https://localhost/UIOffline/#/.
  2. In the Device Connection window, enter the hostname for the SNC Supervisory Controller in the Hostname / IP Address field. Enter the username and password of the SNC Supervisory Controller. Click LOG IN.
  3. In the Select Archive window, select the archive from the list. Click SELECT ARCHIVE. You may be prompted to do this log on again.
  4. Open the BACnet/SC Management page. You can also find the BACnet/SC Management page in the top right menu under Network Security.
  5. To see all devices, select FILTER. From the Network Device list, click All Devices.
  6. Use the check boxes on the left of the screen to select the devices.
  7. From the ACTIONS list, click Request Certificate(s). Enter the information for the certificate you want to create. The required fields are Email Address, Organization, Organizational Unit, Country. Click REQUEST.
  8. In the Request Certificate(s) window, click DOWNLOAD CSR(S). The certificate signing request saves as a .zip file. Extract the files from the .zip file into the same folder as your CA on your local hard drive.