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FX80 WiFi Technical Bulletin

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ZFR: Wireless Field Bus System
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Technical Bulletin
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The FX80 platform features an integrated Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers (IEEE) 802.11 module for enabling wireless Ethernet communications to or from the platform. The platform supports both client mode and access point mode.

Important: The WiFi feature is disabled by default from the factory

You can disable the WiFi feature either through the WiFi selector switch on the enclosure or remotely through the platform WiFi configuration view. The initial WiFi setup requires FX Workbench or serial connectivity. The process of enabling WiFi varies slightly depending on the country the unit is shipped to. When enabled, you can configure the unit as a client to an already established IEEE 802.11 access point and network, or as an access point to establish a new network.

The WiFi feature adds a new platform view: the WiFi Configuration view for an FX80 platform. In addition, the FX80 command line system console has a Configure WiFi option which you can use to initially configure WiFi (although this option provides only a subset of the configuration parameters available via the platform view).

Important: The FX80 hardware WiFi selector switch does not have any effect until you enable the WiFi feature in the sofware.