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FX80 WiFi Technical Bulletin

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ZFR: Wireless Field Bus System
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Technical Bulletin
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About this task

You can configure the FX80 WiFi subsystem to run in Client mode.

To perform this task, you must complete the following prerequisites:
  • have a connection to the FX80
  • ensure that the WiFi Selector Switch is in the OFF (center) position
  • ensure that the TCP/IP Configuration is not DHCP Enabled (checked) on any adapter
Figure 1. WiFi Client mode

Note: You must stop the WiFi subsystem before starting any WiFi process.


  1. Go to Platform > WiFi Configuration. The WiFi Configuration dialog box appears.
  2. From the WiFi Enabled list, select true.

    The Wireless State pane displays read-only values for the WiFi state, client adapter name, client MAC address, and DHCP address as well as last access point.

    Important: If the Default Gateway Switching property is enabled (checked) when connecting to a third-party access point, the gateway property changes to what is provided by the access point’s configuration. This connection conflicts with your wired LAN settings. Note that this situation does not occur when connecting to an FX80 access point.
  3. In the Discovered Networks pane, click Discover to identify available networks.
  4. Select the SSID for the network that you want to connect to and click Add (or right-click the SSID and click Add). The Add a Wireless Network dialog box appears.
  5. Enter values for the following parameters:
    • Priority: Enter (0–9) to indicate which access point to try first. If all added networks have the same priority the client chooses the strongest signal.
    • Network Key: Enter (Passkey) needed to connect to the access point.
  6. In the Network Database pane, select the added network and click Connect.
  7. Move the WiFi Selector Switch on the unit to the CLT (right) position.

    In the platform WiFi Configuration view, the value for the WiFi Switch Position changes to Client.

    The WiFi subsystem is now running in Client mode and connected to the selected network. The Current WiFi State field should reflect only the states that are valid for client mode. For example, Scanning or Supplicant Running.