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FX80 WiFi Technical Bulletin

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ZFR: Wireless Field Bus System
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Technical Bulletin
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Current WiFi State values listed in the following table may occur when using either Client mode or Access Point mode

Table 1. Current WiFi states

Current WiFi state value


Additional notes


WiFi processes are stopping

Displays the result of moving the 3-position switch from ACC or CLT to OFF, or of toggling the Wifi Enabled control from true to false in the platform WiFi Configuration view, or an Access Point Inactivity Timeout. In the case of inactivity timeout, the next state is Inactivity Timeout after WiFi is stopped.

In all other cases, the next state is Stopped.


WiFi drivers are not loaded, and no Client or Access Point mode processes are running.

Indicates if the WiFi LED on top of unit is off.

The state must be Stopped before any WiFi process can be started. This state can be entered from a failed or stopping state.

As a special case for Access Point mode, if the inactivity timer is used, the inactivity timer is expired, and user moves the 3-position switch from ACC position, then the Stopped state can be entered.


WiFi process (either Client or Access Point) was not able to successfully complete.

Indicates an invalid configuration. A failed state starts an attempted shut down of the WiFi processes and drivers, after which the state should transition to Stopped.