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The following current WiFi states are specific to Client mode.

Table 1. Client mode WiFi states

Current WiFi state value


Additional notes

Supplicant Running

The supplicant is running and loading the Client Mode network database to search for an Access Point to connect to.

After verification (to ensure that no other adapter is using the Dhcp.client service), the tiw_sta0 adapter starts, assigns an IP address, and starts the wpa_supplicant process. The state transitions to the Supplicant Running state.

Sta Scanning

The Client mode WiFi adapter is looking for an Access Point to connect to by scanning available frequencies.

Occurs if the WiFi network (for example, ssid/password) is not configured correctly or is unavailable because the Access Point is off or out of range.

Sta Trying to Associate

A configured Access Point is located, and the supplicant is trying to associate with the Access Point.

If a whitelist is configured in the Access Point, the MAC address of this client adapter must pass the whitelist filters.

Sta Negotiating

The Client mode supplicant is negotiating capabilities and credentials with the Access Point.

If successful, the next transition is Sta Running.

Sta Association Success

The Client has successfully associated with an Access Point.

The Client and Access Point begins a 4-way process to validate credentials and establish common security protocol suites.

Sta Disconnected

Normal state transition on Client mode startup. Seeing this value is normal during Client mode startup and should transition to other states.

If no configured access points are available, the states do not progress past this point. Every 15 seconds, the network database is reloaded, so configuration changes made during this state are picked up.

Sta Error: Dhcp enabled on another adapter

The Client Mode could not start.

Client mode WiFi could not start because another adapter is using DHCP to get it's IP address.

Only one adapter is allowed to have a DHCP assigned address, and WiFi Client mode always uses DHCP to get an address for the client-mode adapter.