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FX80 WiFi Technical Bulletin

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ZFR: Wireless Field Bus System
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Technical Bulletin
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The following current WiFi states are specific to Access Point mode.

Table 1. Access point WiFi states

Current WiFi state value


Additional notes

SAP Starting

Access Point processes are starting. Access Point mode is enabled in the WiFi Configuration view. The 3-position switch on the unit is in the ACC (left) position.

Starts WiFi driver, which adds a tiw_sap0 adapter, brings the adapter up, and assigns its IP address. Starts Hostapd and DHCP server on the adapter. This state is only entered from the Stopped state.

SAP Running

In SAP Running mode, the adapter is up, IP assigned, Hostapd started, and DHCP server started on the adapter.


Inactivity Timeout

In Access Point mode, a non-zero Inactivity Timeout is configured. For the specified amount of time, the adapter neither sends nor receives non-broadcast packets to or from attached clients. The adapter is shut down in this state.

Inactivity timeout is only used in Access Point mode.

To restart the WiFi adapter after an Inactivity Timeout shutdown, you must physically move the WiFi selector switch from ACC to OFF for the state to transition to Stopped. Once stopped, move the selector switch back to ACC.