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FX80 WiFi Technical Bulletin

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In this configuration, the FX80 functions as a WiFi Client using an existing WiFi Access Point to gain access to a network. Also, one of the Ethernet ports on the FX80 is used to connect some Ethernet-based field bus devices.

Figure 1. FX80 as a WiFi Client

Table 1. FX80 as a WiFi Client




FX Workbench B


FX Server


Tablet A


FX Workbench A


FX80 WiFi Client


Ethernet Field Bus Device A


Ethernet Field Bus Device B

In Figure 1:
  • FX Workbench A, Tablet A, FX Workbench B and the FX Server can all connect to the FX80 using the IT networking infrastructure.

    All traffic not on the local subnet is routed through the default gateway on the FX80. This includes any broadcast traffic (Discovery) from the FX80.

    This routing means that if gateway switching is enabled on the FX80 and the Access Point provides a new default route in its configuration response to the FX80, then all non-local network traffic and broadcasts are routed to the Access Point (not to the field bus Ethernet when the FX80 is attached to the WiFi network). This routing also means that the FX Server should be able to discover and learn the FX80.

    Conversely, if switching is disabled, the default gateway stays pointing at the default gateway in the TCP/IP configuration of the FX80, regardless of any default route provided by the Access Point. This means that the FX Server or FX Workbench must be on the same subnet as the FX80, and any discovery or learning (which requires broadcasts or responses to broadcasts by the FX80) is not possible because all the responses are sent to the field bus network (which is still the default gateway).

    Note: Although discovery (broadcast) does not work, you can still add devices manually.
  • The FX80 can communicate with field bus devices.
  • Other devices on the IT network cannot connect directly to the field bus devices, since they are on a separate network.