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FX80 WiFi Technical Bulletin

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ZFR: Wireless Field Bus System
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In this configuration, the FX80 Access Point feature is turned on permanently to provide a network for WiFi enabled Field Bus devices, such as actuators, sensors, and thermostats. Other FX80 units that are configured for WiFi Client mode can use the Access Point.

Both Field Bus devices and tools (laptops and mobile devices) can connect using the Access Point, which supports up to 16 devices. However, if the maximum limit of 16 devices are connected, then no tool access is available.

In this configuration, the Access Point must always remain enabled so that tools and Field Bus devices can connect.

Figure 1. FX80 WiFi Access Point for WiFi Field Bus

Table 1. FX80 WiFi Access Point for WiFi Field Bus




FX Workbench B


FX Server


FX80 WiFi Access Point


FX Workbench A


WiFi Field Bus Device A


WiFi Field Bus Device B


WiFi Field Bus Device C

In Figure 1:
  • FX Workbench A can access the controller. Also, the laptop can directly access WiFi Field Bus devices A, B, and C using appropriate software. If the Field Bus devices are other FX80 clients, then FX Workbench A can also directly access the FX80 clients.
  • FX Workbench B and the FX Server can access controller using the wired link, but do not have direct access to WiFi Field Bus devices.
  • FX80 applications can read and write data from both networks.