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FX80 WiFi Technical Bulletin

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ZFR: Wireless Field Bus System
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Technical Bulletin
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Figure 1. WiFi Configuration, Access Point Mode tab

Properties listed in the following table appear in the Wireless State pane of the Access Point tab in the WiFi Configuration view.

Table 1. General




Adapter Name

tiw_sap0 (default)

Displays the read-only value

Adapter IPv4 Address


Sets the IP address of the WiFi adapter. A client uses this property to make an IP connection over WiFi while the unit is functioning as an Access Point.

Adapter IPv4 Netmask


Sets the netmask of the WiFi adapter.

Table 2. Access Point Config





fx80 (default)

Sets the name for this Access Point. Service Set Identifier is a unique alphanumeric identifier. Replaces the default name with a unique, meaningful network name.

Note: Make sure to change the default value to a unique name to avoid having multiple units with the same SSID in a particular area.

Broadcast SSID

enabled (default), disabled

Periodically broadcasts, if enabled, the WiFi signal so that devices can detect and connect.

If disabled, the SSID is hidden and not discoverable, and you must manually configure the client with the correct SSID which matches the FX80's Ssid field.



Sets a password that a client must enter to connect to this network. A strong password is required.

Wpa Mode





Provides WiFi security protocols and security certification programs. WPA WPA2 accommodates most devices. Devices with older network cards may only work with WPA security.

Key Management Algorithms

WPA-PSK (default)



Provides methods of authentication key distribution and the encryption protocols that protect passwords through encryption (using either a shared key or an authentication server).

Pairwise Cipher Suites





Provides encryption protocol options. TKIP CCMP accommodates most devices.

Inactivity Timeout (minutes)

10 (default)

Sets a limit on the amount of time a client connection can be inactive. On reaching the Timeout limit, the WiFi adapter is shutdown completely. To restart the connection, you must move the WiFi Selector Switch on the unit to OFF. Once the WiFi Current State shows Stopped, move the WiFi Selector Switch back to ACC.

Note: If the intended WiFi usage is for tool connectivity, set this value to a small number of minutes. If the intended WiFi usage is for field bus integration, then set this value to 0 to disable the Timeout functionality.
Important: An Access Point represents a potential target for cyber attack. Leaving the Access Point disabled by default is a security best practice.

Enable Whitelist

disable (default), enable

Allows you to, if enabled, only connect an address in the configured whitelist. If disabled, connection to the access point is not limited to a specific range of devices.



Allows you to configure the Access Point with a range of device MAC addresses to connect.

Mode and Channel

Country code: two digit code

Radio mode: 802.11a/b/g/n

Bandwidth: HT20, HT40, HT20 HT40

Channel number: (number of channel options depends on selected radio mode)

Displays, once it is configured, the read-only County Code value. The Config Channel button open the Configure Mode and Channel dialog box, which you can use to modify radio mode, bandwidth, and channel selections.

Important: Configuring a County Code is a permanent change to the unit that cannot be altered.
Table 3. DHCP server settings




Default Lease Time

21600 (default)

Displays the fixed duration (in seconds) for a DHCP IP address lease, before the lease expires you must renew the lease.

Max Lease Time

43200 (default)

Displays the maximum duration (in seconds) for a DHCP IP address lease.



Displays the subnet of IP addresses assigned by the DHCP server.



Displays the netmask of IP addresses assigned by the DHCP Server.

Client Range Low


Displays the lowest IP address for the range. The order of assigning IPs from the Access Point DHCP is indeterminate.

Note: The adapter IP should be in the same subnet, but not in the range of addresses already defined.

Max Number of Clients

11 (default)

Displays the maximum number of WiFi clients that can attach at a given time (maximum limit is 16).