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FX80 Supervisory Controller Product Bulletin

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FX80 Supervisory Controller
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Product Bulletin
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Fully commissioned and licensed out of the box
Allows you to power up, connect to a web browser, change default passwords, set up network parameters, and start adding your field controllers.
Web-based user interface
Provides rich, graphical displays for system operation and analysis.
Adoption of industry standard communication protocols
Allows for the integration of a wide variety of field controllers, including Facility Explorer field controllers and controllers provided by others without intermediate gateways or translators.
Embedded Configuration Tool
Requires no proprietary or desktop software to configure the FX80 controller. You only need a web browser for basic configuration and monitoring.
Modular design
Allows you to select only those components needed to meet specific project requirements.
Small, compact design
Controller is easy to install.
FX Workbench
Reduces engineering and installation time by providing you a way to easily and quickly create the FX80 database from field controller configurations offline.
Niagara® analytics
Allows you to apply a variety of analytical algorithms and diagnostics to both historical and real-time data.