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FX80 Supervisory Controller Product Bulletin

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FX80 Supervisory Controller
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Product Bulletin
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FX Workbench is a software application that allows users to configure the FX80 controller. FX Workbench is embedded in every FX80 controller and is served up to web browsers of authorized users. In addition, you can purchase FX Workbench as a separate software application residing on a computer.

Users can configure the FX80 controller online while directly or remotely connected with FX Workbench.

FX Workbench includes many labor-saving configuration features:
  • Importing of FX-PC Series configuration files to create the point database, graphics, point and alarm summaries, Histories, and Trend graphs
  • Online discovery of LonWorks and BACnet devices and points
  • Online discovery of N2 devices with assisted importing of N2 points
  • A check box method to enable and disable points and create point extensions, such as alarms, histories, and totalizations
  • Intuitive managers for grouping points, creating master schedules, and linking points
  • A library of predefined systems, with associated graphics, points list, and default features
  • Automated graphic page creation
Figure 1. Example of a Facility Explorer configuration
Callout Component
1 Browser
2 Mobile device
3 FX Workbench
4 FX Server
5 Ethernet, TCP/IP, HTTP, BACnet
6 F4-SNC Supervisory Controller
7 MS/TP Bus
8 FX80 Supervisory Controller
9 F4-CVM Equipment Controller
10 F4-CGM Equipment Controller
11 SA Bus
12 F4-XPM Expansion Module
13 TEC3000 Color Series Thermostat