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FX80 Supervisory Controller
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The FX Supervisory Controller’s web-based user interface (Web UI) provides system-wide monitoring and control capability using a web browser. The Web UI capability is embedded in every FX Supervisory Controller, allowing users to access the system using a web browser over an Ethernet, LAN, or Internet connection.

When you create your Web UI pages, you can choose from a full library of colorful, graphical symbols including the following:
  • HVAC equipment
  • Duct work
  • Coils
  • Piping
  • Control devices, for example, dampers or valves
  • Widgets, for example, buttons, tables, or hyperlinks

In addition, you can import your own digital images, for example, a floorplan JPEG, and incorporate them into your Web UI.

FX Workbench provides you with two sets of factory designed, standard application graphics to include in your Web UI. One set is designed for viewing with a full-sized computer screen, and the other set is optimized for viewing with a smartphone-sized device like an iPhone®, iPad®, or other similarly sized handheld devices. When you import a controller with a standard application, both sets of graphics can be automatically generated.

You can view devices, points, schedules, alarms, and graphics with the convenience of a wireless handheld device. You can also acknowledge alarms, command points, and modify schedules. The user interface updates dynamically, so that when changes are made to the FX Supervisor configuration, these changes automatically appear. An automated configuration assistant is available to help set the correct screen size for many handheld devices.

Figure 1. Mobile device Web UI

Figure 2. Full-sized Web UI