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FX80 Supervisory Controller
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Niagara Analytics is a data analytics extension to the Niagara Framework® available on FX Supervisory Software. Niagara Analytics gives FX80 users the ability to apply a variety of analytic algorithms and diagnostics to both historical and real-time data available. At FX Supervisory Software Release 14.2 and later, every FX80 is licensed for 25 analytic objects.

Algorithm Library
The algorithm library has a group of predefined algorithms that you can customize and extend to meet the specific needs of the site. Also provided are more than 40 functional and mathematical blocks to help you design and create your own custom algorithms. Use your algorithm to evaluate a single piece of equipment or all pieces of equipment in your enterprise, then save your entire analytics operation as a template and redeploy as often as needed.
Intuitive Programming
You can drag and drop algorithms onto the wiresheet from the Analytics palette.
Real-time, On-Premise Analytics Control
You can run on-site analytics directly on the FX80 Supervisory Controller to identify a situation and make a change in real time, which enables you to make faster decisions while conserving computing power. Results can then be pushed up to the server to make changes across the enterprise.
Automated-Control Strategies
Advanced alarming can collect data from multiple real-time data sources, and can make intelligent decisions based on custom algorithms and therefore provide a more sophisticated analysis. This process eliminates many end-user nuisance alarms.
Figure 1. Analytics