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FX80 Supervisory Controller Product Bulletin

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FX80 Supervisory Controller
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Product Bulletin
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The Alarming feature initiates, routes, and manages alarms and events according to user-defined criteria. You can configure the FX80 controller to generate alarms on any data point in its system database. Each alarm record contains valuable information, including the alarm and return to-normal time and date, time duration in current state, text description, and alarm class.

You can create alarm classifications so that alarms with similar characteristics are routed to common recipients. You can also create multiple alarm classes to provide a variety of alarm routing options, such as to the browser-based Alarm Console or to an email address. Alarm recipients have a variety of options to manage alarms, including sorting, acknowledging, silencing, and tagging.

You can route alarms to the people who need them based on schedules and on-call lists. These lists can be prioritized and escalated based on the recipient’s actions. These actions include delivery and acknowledgment through email and SMS.